lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014


The Fashion's Story Fair CLICK HERE TO TELEPORT
START TODAY 19TH October 4:30 pm (SL time)

This is an annual fair, designed to recreate a real journey into the world of fashion, a blast from the past, that slowly brings us back to our days!

There are in fact 4 distinct Areas, each dedicated to a specific historical period:
* 20's -30's Area
* 40's - 50's Area
* 60's -70's Area
* 80's - 90's Area

We can define this event ,even a little cultural! Since our designers will try to represent to the fullest, with their creations, the historical period they have chosen!
This year there will be many news:

* The street market:
where all items  will be sold to priced discount from 30L to 60L

* The Gacha's Area:
Where visitors can try their luck by playing with only 50L
also can not absolutely miss the treasure hunt, which will last for the duration of the fair ...

* The Secret Dressing Room HUNT:
in the previous edition this treasure hunt liked very much!
Consist in find a variety of objects around the sim, inside them will hide the Landmark for The Secret Dressing Room!

It will be in this special room that the hunter can find all the prizes.

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